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What to wear to a summer wedding

We have the honor of helping dozens of clients every year find perfect outfits for weddings and special events. Recently we've encountered some really cool, unique wedding scenarios, which inspired this segment.

Tip #1: Really look at the invitation. There are lots of clues in there: location, time of day, setting—everything  the couple tells you in their invitation will lead you to the right outfit. 
Tip #2. Start with shoes! We always start by figuring out what is the most stylish, practical shoe choice for this event and then build the look from there. I can be easier to find a dress to go with the right shoe than vice versa. 

WEDDING SCENARIO #1: Black Tie Optional, daytime outdoor wedding
The challenge: Formal dressing on a hot day! 
The style solution: Cocktail length dress, slightly below the knee in a vibrant, dramatic pattern, with block heeled sandals (for walking on grass), fancy accessories and an organza wrap (LINK)

WEDDING SCENARIO #2: PNW Beach wedding
The challenge: Wind! And rocky beach
The style solution: A matte jersey jumpsuit won’t wrinkle and will handle better in the wind than a dress or skirt. Need a wrap for some warmth or arm coverage? Check the bathing suit coverup section! 

WEDDING SCENARIO #3: "Festive Western"
The challenge: Dressing on theme without being too casual or looking like a costume. 
The style solution: A long floral print dress with a denim blazer, pretty jewelry and great cowboy boots (LINK).

WEDDING SCENARIO #4: Black and White wedding
The challenge: Not too much black or too much white (leave the all white gown for the bride!)
The style solution: Black party dress ( with white blazer, clutch and kitten heels.

WEDDING SCENARIO #5: The outfit change (elegant late morning ceremony, followed by evening reception and ceremony with a break in the middle)
The challenge: Preparing two outfits for one day!
The style solution: Embrace the concept! Sometimes finding two dresses is easier than honing in on a single perfect dress that does everything. Take advantage of the opportunity to change your look to go with the flow of the day.  

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