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What to wear for a holiday at home

Normally in December, we'd be talking about cocktail dresses or answering questions like "What do I wear to a Black Tie affair?", but this year we have nowhere to go and no reason to get dressed up. But that doesn't mean we can't put on something special for a dinner with immediately family or a Zoom party or a small outdoor gathering with close friends. Here are some ideas!

OUTFIT #1: "Family Dinner"

Outfit formula: Pull-on Pants + Oversized sweater + fancy slip ons

Key items:

Ann Taylor velvet pull-on pants, Ann Taylor University Village (LINK)

Birdies “The Phoebe" floral jacquard slides, (LINK)

OUTFIT #2: “Zoom Girls Night”

Outfit Formula: House dress + jeweled hair clips + pop-of-color lipstick

Key items:

Printed tiered dress, A New Day, (LINK)

Jeweled Hair Clips, set of 20, Amazon (LINK)

Winky Lux flower balm lipstick, $16, (LINK)

OUTFIT #3: “Backyard Happy Hour”

Outfit Formula: Flannel + down vest + dress coat + Cozy Hat/scarf

Key items:

Plush knee-length coat, $59.99 H&M (LINK)

Down Vest, Uniqlo, $39.90 (LINK)

Sustainable alpaca Hat/Scarf, Sskein, (LINK) *LOCAL DESIGNER ALERT!

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