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Trade in your skinny jeans

Even though skinny jeans are not OUT, there are newer silhouettes that may feel more exciting or more flattering to some women. For a recent New Day NW segment, we invited some ladies in to our styling office, and told them to arrive wearing their favorite skinny jeans. Then, we swapped their skinnies for some different styles. The results were fun! Watch the full segment here:

SWAP #1: Straight leg jean

Featured jean: Gap’s Mid-rise Straight Leg jeans ($69.95,

Why I love them: These jeans are loose in the leg but fitted in the booty, which is like the holy grail of jeans! The waist is not extremely high, just high enough to keep everything comfortably in place. They also look great cuffed and not cuffed.

Stylist tip: Take multiple jeans into the fitting room to compare. Gap has about 4 different straight-leg jeans, and they’re all a little different—too often ladies only take one style, and if it’s not what they hoped, they stop there—when really, you could be so close to finding the right one. I recommend shopping in during the week if you can when it’s less crowded and a salesperson can help, and call ahead to make sure fitting rooms are open. (QUICK TIP: wrap the waist of your jeans around your neck, if the ends touch, the jeans will likely fit you).

SWAP #2: Cropped boot jean

Featured jean: Madewell’s Cali Demi Boot jeans ($128,

Why I love them: The waist is a really comfortable high rise, they have the perfect amount of stretch so they hug curves without stretching out, and they’re not too heavy, so they’re a great jean for the warmer months. And this jean is available in Tall, Regular and Petite.

Stylist tip: Always try jeans on with shoes! We’re often so focused on making sure jeans fit in the waist, we forget to think about how they look and style with shoes. It’s ok to bring a few pairs of shoes from home to try on with your jeans.

SWAP #3: Boyfriend jean

Featured jean: AG Ex-boyfriend Slim, ($225,

Why I love them: These work for all ages, both mother and daughter love them. The high waist is trendy and comfortable (without being a “mom jean”), and the denim is really soft! Even devotees of skinny jeans love these, and they make a great spring jean because you can roll them to wear with sandals.

Stylist Tip: Explore a new store! Jack Jerome is a local boutique that has an incredible selection of premium denim in fits and styles that most other stores do not have. You can make an appointment online to have the entire store to yourself, and there’s an on-site master tailor if needed. If big department stores and giant denim walls feel intimidating, a small local shop is a great solution.

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