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Stylish New Year Resolutions for 2022

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

The start of a new year is the perfect time to re-evaluate your wardrobe, make some goals and take some action to improve your style. Here are some ideas to help you take the first steps.

Darcy’s New Years Style Resolutions 2022

GOAL: Rediscover your personal style.

ACTION: Subscribe to a fashion magazine. After almost two years of pandemic and sweatpants and mostly staying home, many of us feel completely disconnected from fashion. An easy way and affordable way to plug back in is to subscribe to a fashion magazine. Most magazine subscriptions are under $20 for the entire year, and every month you’ll get a little treat in the mail. I like to take a sharpie and circle anything I like, and I cross out anything I don’t like. Do this and I promise, in a few months you’ll start to feel your sense of fashion coming back into focus.

GOAL: Break out of a style rut.

ACTION: Try one new thing every time you go shopping. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, it’s probably because you frequent the same few stores and gravitate towards the same type of clothing (another black sweater...). The way to break this pattern is to try something new. Next time you’re in a store, pick up something totally different from anything you’ve ever tried and take it to the fitting room. If you’re not confident picking an item yourself, ask a salesperson to pick something for you. You don’t have to buy, you just have to TRY. Maybe it will be hilarious, maybe it will be amazing, maybe you’ll surprise yourself.

GOAL: Wear more of what you already own.

ACTION: Merchandize your closet. Moving things around constantly helps the space feel fresh and the pieces feel new. Stores do this all the time. Even when they don’t have any new product in, moving reorganizing helps customers constantly see things in a new way. This approach works wonders in our home closets.

GOAL: Break away from fast fashion. ACTION: Shop local. Our local shops are the heart and soul of our regional style culture. We lost so many great local boutiques last year, and we can’t afford to lose more! Set a goal to visit one new store every month for a year. Invite a friend to go along with you (my girl friends and I call these “fashion field trips”). A bonus to this: I guarantee your personal style will expand when you start venturing into new stores.

GOAL: Get back to “real clothes” again

ACTION: Find a new weekday uniform. Most of us are tired of sweats and yoga pants, but we have to acknowledge what we like about them: they’re comfortable and they’re an easy outfit that doesn’t take much thought or effort. The best way to get away from the leisure wear is to find another combo that you can wear daily that is also comfortable and easy to throw on.

GOAL: Stop impulse shopping online (this is my resolution!)

ACTION: Institute a 48 Hour Wait rule. From now on, I’m not allowing myself to buy anything online the same day I see it. I can put it in my cart or save the link, but I have to wait two days. I’m guessing that most of the things I find, I’ll forget about after one day, so I’m hoping to save a lot of money. Ask me how I’m doing in a few months!

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