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Shopping to "Spark Joy"

We know a lot of people--like, everyone!--has Kondo-fever right now. We're hearing from clients who, after watching one episode of Tidying Up on Netflix, purged their entire home. And while clearing clutter is great* and we encourage everyone to take stock of their belongings, we want to encourage everyone to think carefully about what does and does not "Spark Joy" while shopping. If you can avoid buying things you don't like or won't wear in the first place, you won't have to purge. We went to Macy's with KING5 Evening and found some great items that definitely spark joy.

Shop the segment:

  • Levis 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans: They're basically the perfect skinny jean. Higher waisted (but not too high), stretchy without stretching out, they elongate the leg and lift the tush and they're under $50

  • NYDJ white button down shirt: it's the perfect weight to wear any day of the year, and we love the cute front tie.

  • INC heels: They're not too high, but high enough to be fierce, and they're comfortable, and they come in almost every color (and they're available in wide).

  • Pop of color lip. We all gravitated to Coral for this segment, but the addition of any bright color can spark a lot of joy, especially on a cold, grey day.

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