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Runway looks from Fashion Week recreated

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Over the past 6 weeks, the fashion community has been busy with Fashion Week shows in New York, Paris, Milan and Los Angeles. We even had our own Fashion Week in Bellevue earlier this month. And while I love seeing the looks on the runway, let’s be real, it’s not like I’m buying or wearing any of those expensive designer pieces. But I do pay attention to trends and styles that I like, and I often get inspired to recreate my own version. This week, I headed to Evergreen Goodwill to see if I could put reimagine some high fashion looks using thrifted fashion.

LOOK #1: MENSWEAR. I love menswear blazers and suiting, inspired by Ralph Lauren’s Fall 2022 Ready to Wear collection. I found so many great suiting pieces, and the manager of the Shoreline Evergreen Goodwill told me that they have a great selection of suiting right now because so many people are dressing more casually for work. Stylist Pro Tip: look in the men’s section and the women’s section.

LOOK #2: NEON. Highlighter green was a HUGE color on the runways. It’s bold and fun to wear. It’s also easy to spot in the chaos of a thrift store because it’s so bright!

LOOK #3: CLASSIC ELEGANCE. So much of the fashion on the runways seems unwearable—or even silly—but certain designers like Carolina Herrera design really wearable fashion. I love the look of a crisp blouse with a great pant. And you can’t beat the drama and elegance of a leopard print cape. I’ve seen animal print in some form at every single fashion week, so I think it’s fair to say it never goes out of style.

LOOK #4: MONOCHROME. Inspired by a Michael Kors look we saw at Bellevue Fashion Week’s Collective show, the monochrome trend is one of the easier trends to put together at Evergreen Goodwill because items are organized by size and color.

Final pro tip: Shop Evergreen Goodwill on Mondays. Every item in the store has a colored tag, and on Monday every item featuring a certain color tag is $1.99. About half of the items I pulled for this segment were $1.99!

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