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Quiet Luxury (how to get the look for less)

What is Quiet Luxury? A trend that has dominated the high fashion runways recently and is reflected on screen in shows like Succession, which features very wealthy characters wearing very expensive, yet subtle outfits—without any flashy labels or logos. No bright colors. Nothing whimsical or trendy. Just classically elegant, well tailored, crisp and luxe.

MODEL #1: Key pieces: vest, linen suiting, neutral bag

MODEL #2: Key pieces: Crisp white shirt, trench

MODEL #3: Key pieces: shirt dress, subtle jewelry, leather shoe

Darcy’s best tips for looking expensive on a budget:

  • Opt for neutral colors: white, black, grey, camel

  • Look for natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, cashmere

  • Shop designer items second-hand

  • Upgrade items by tailoring items and replacing cheap buttons

  • Take good care of your clothing

Get the look:

Women’s Vest (, LINK)

Women’s Linen suiting (

Vegan leather bag (Urban Expressions,, LINK)

Men’s white dress shirt (

Men’s trench coat (Banana Republic at Bellevue Collection)

Women’s shirtdress (Banana Republic at Bellevue Collection)

Ear cuff (FARIS,

Leather shoes (Either/OR,

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