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How to wear Living Coral, 2019's Color of the Year

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

There's no better way to beat the winter Blahs than with a strong pop of color. The antidote to the cloudy grey skies is bright, happy coral, and we can thank the color experts at Pantone for naming Living Coral the "It" color of 2019 and exploding this fun hue. It's not hard to find (now that you know about it, you'll see it everywhere. Like when you get a new car and you notice it on every street), and luckily there's a coral for everyone.

Shop the segment

Outfit one: Moorea Seal Nida sweater ($78, LINK), Moorea Seal Amelia skinny jean ($82, LINK), Moorea Seal Mawu earrings ($128, LINK).

Outfit two: Gap plaid pants ($44.97, LINK), Gap black blazer ($15.99 IN STORE PRICE ONLY, based on sale price 1/15/2019, LINK), coral loafers ($24.99, LINK).

Outfit three: J.Crew jumpsuit ($80, LINK), black silk blouse ($120, LINK).

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