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How to tie a scarf

Here's the real story of this segment. It aired on a Tuesday, but we taped it a day early just before Seattle suffered its third winter storm in the span of a week. Western Washington can't handle severe winter weather, and we weren't prepared for the foot of snow we already had, let alone more. On Sunday night, producers at New Day NW called to say "Hey, we're trying to do a show tomorrow, but some of our guests can't make it in. Can you come in and do a segment about basically anything?" I dug around in my house to find something I could turn into a segment. What do I have? A whole bunch of scarves. I bet you do, too! Here's how to tie them:

Fun fact: The very first segment I did at New Day NW was about nine years ago on the second-ever episode of the show, and the topic of that segment was "How to Tie a Scarf."

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