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How to pack for vacation

Packing can be overwhelming. How do you approach it?

I line up everything I think I might want to take (more than I need!), and I line it up on a garment rack from most casual to most dressy. First, I pack any outfits or pieces I DEFINITELY need (for example, I’m going to wedding on this trip, so I need my outfit for that). Then, I think about shoes! I try to get down to three pairs of shoes—a heel, a sandal and a sneaker—so I eliminate any outfit that doesn’t work with those choices. Then, I pack a casual outfit, then a dressy outfit, then a casual outfit, then a dressy outfit moving into the “middle" section of items that work for almost anything. I pack as much of those as I can fit until I run out of room and I know I’m covered for any situation.

TIP #1: Think in outfits, not items! Don’t bring a shirt if you have nothing to wear it with!

TIP #2: Prioritize items that can be worn multiple ways, like a Billa77 twinset (, I can wear the top and bottom together, and I can wear them separately.

TIP #3: Only pack your easiest and most comfortable things. You’re on vacation! You want to enjoy yourself, you’re not going to want to wear anything complicated or uncomfortable. (There’s a dress that I love, but it gets wrinkled so easily and it makes me sweat—it’s staying home!)

TIP #4: I roll my outfits vs fold. I find I can fit more and things are less wrinkled.

TIP #5: Scale down your make-up and skincare to essentials only. Again, think of products that do double duty like a dual lip and cheek roller.

Darcy's Must haves:

  • Sunscreen (La Roche Posay Daily anti-aging primer with SPF 50,

  • Floppy hat (Pro tip: I pack my bathing suits in the hat to help it hold its shape)

  • Flat sandals (TKEES,

  • Hair mask (Sun Bum revitalizing hair mask, $3.50,

  • The Bigger Carry-on suitcase by Away (

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