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Gifts for your girl friends

I miss my friends!! I’m sure almost everyone can relate. This year we have to get extra creative to show love to our friends from a distance. Here are my favorite gift ideas, for the holidays or any day.

1. Super Stylish Flowers:Enchanted Express floral arrangements,

I love sending flowers to my friends in other states, but I get nervous ordering from generic-looking websites. I never know what’s going to show up. Enchanted Express is a woman-owned company out of California, the founder and her talented team have done floral design for celebrities and high profile events for over 20 years, and they now ship the most gorgeous, stylish bouquets nationwide. Even the box they arrive in is beautiful! Stunning floral bouquets starting around $65. 2. Matching BFF Pajamas: KICKEE, My best friend Kim lives in Texas. Usually around this time of year we get together, and we have a tradition of giving each other matching pajamas that we wear all winter long, so that we can feel close to each other throughout the holidays. We can’t travel this year, but I wanted to keep the tradition alive! I sent her a gorgeous pj set from my favorite lounge brand, KICKEE. They’re luxuriously soft, lightweight and breathable because they’re made with Bamboo. Pewter Pinecones PJ set, $85 LINK 3. Grown-up Friendship Bracelets: Isabelle Grace, Remember friendship bracelets? A sweet little accessory to remind you of your BFF. Recently, I went on a hunt to try to find a grown-up, stylish version, and I discovered Isabelle Grace jewelry. Everything’s really affordable (starting around $40), but not cheap-looking. The materials are beautiful, and the designs are simple and elegant, something you actually WANT to wear every day, and many of the styles are customizable. I personalized one for my dear friend Sarah. We’ve been texting each other “It’s Fine. Everything’s Fine” all year, often with a picture of a dumpster fire, so I wanted to commemorate that. Darling Stars bracelet in rose gold, $42 LINK Midi Message cuff in gold, $56 LINK 4. Virtual Gal Pal Game Night: Pop-In at Nordstrom, Nordstrom always does an incredible job of curating their seasonal Pop-Ins, and this year they have tons of specialty gifts available online. I love their perfectly themed candles and gift cards, and I’ve also been on the hunt for board games that we could feasibly play over Zoom. Hygge games are mostly conversational, question or trivia games and they work really well for a virtual game night. I love the idea of delivering a special “night in” to a friend. Hygge board games, $20 Cancelled Plans candle, $32, Anecdote candle, $24 Aya Paper Company card set, $15 5. Dress Up the Dinner Table: Set The Table napkin set, As we prepare for a different sort of holiday season, I’m looking for ways to make staying at home feel special. My very talented friend Lisa Cole of Seattle started a business during the pandemic hand sewing beautiful cloth napkins and sells them in a pack of eight. Each set is one-of-kind, the fabrics are beautiful, and I can’t tell you how much this special detail elevates home dining. It’s no wonder her business has taken off! I love the idea of sending a set to friends or family as way to be a part of a holiday dinner in spirit, without actually being there. 6. Send a Hug: Jumby Aromatic Wellness Balm, Finally, the ultimate challenge: How do you send a hug in the mail? Here’s a way! This Balm smells so good, it’s certified organic, super moisturizing and great for all skin types. Rub it on cracked hands, dry elbows, sore shoulders. Great for kids or adults, even people with sensitive skin. And it’s only about $10 per tin!

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