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French Girl Fashion

MODEL #1: CASUAL CHIC (trouser + bomber jacket + button down shirt + sneakers)

Stylist Tip: Always balance something casual, with something elevated.

Stylist Tip: Sneakers go with everything (featured:

MODEL #2: EXPLORING THE CITY (jeans + t-shirt + blazer + sneakers + scarf)

Stylist Tip: Play with proportion, oversize jackets and wide leg pants are comfortable and stylish.

Stylist Tip: Accessories like scarves, hats and bags make the outfit (featured:…but no berets!

MODEL #3: OUT TO DINNER (pleated skirt + cowboy boots + oversize blazer) Stylist Tip: Oversized blazers work with everything, from jeans to dresses of any length. Stylist Tip: Pull out your pleated skirts and pair them with a chic pair of cowboy boots. Q: What is your best French-inspired fashion advice?: A/Lisa: Traveling to Paris always inspires me to find new ways to wear what I own. Packing into a suitcase forces me to take a limited number of items and then wear them over and over in different combinations A/Darcy: Don’t worry so much about trends; invest in items that feel special that you want to own for a long time.

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