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Fashion over 40

Three tips to evolve your style into a new era

1. Create an Inspirational Style Mash-up. We have so many fabulous women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s. Jennifer Lopez, Viola Davis, Julia Roberts, Oprah, and we’re lucky to have more images of women aging gracefully to inspire us. I often encourage my clients to think of 2-4 women in the culture (maybe they’re real, maybe they’re characters) who have appealing style to create a style mash-up. It’s less about emulating one person, more about taking bits of inspo from several places and making it your own!

2. Bring your closet into the present tense. There is a difference between “I loved wearing something" and “I love wearing something." It’s ok to let go of clothing that you used to wear or items that worked for a previous season of life. Ask yourself “Would I be excited to wear this tomorrow?” “Do I have a reason to wear this in the next 3 months” “If I saw this in store would I buy it today?” If the answer is No, No, No, let it Go.

3. Take a "Try Not Buy” outing. As we get older, we tend to shop mostly for function and we loose the joy around it. Remember being younger and going to the mall for fun, trying on things you had no intention of buying? It can helpful to plug back into that energy and try some new styles simply for the fun of experimenting.

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