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Dopamine Dressing

What is Dopamine Dressing? Dopamine is a chemical that gets released in your brain that makes you feel good, and Dopamine Dressing is a fun trend about wearing something bold that triggers happy feelings, like bright colors and fun patterns.

In many ways, this is the opposite of Quiet Luxury. Dopamine Dressing makes a statement, it’s playful, it’s bold. But it can be useful on a day that you’re maybe feeling a little low energy. Many studies have shown that strong colors can not only increase your own dopamine but can also elevate the mood of those around you.

And you don’t need to spend a lot of money—everything we’re showing today is on sale. I think it’s easier to take a chance on a bright color if it isn’t expensive. Bright colors and fun patterns are easiest to find in the summer, and most summer merchandise is on sale right now to make room for all the fall stuff coming in.

LOOK #1: Ready to Work Out

LOOK #2: Date Night

LOOK #3: Dress to Impress at Work

LOOK #4: Celebration Mode

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