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Holiday looks for less with Seattle Goodwill

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

If the holidays have you feeling overwhelmed with party invitations and a little stressed for cash, we have some good(will) news for you: all the top fashion trends like velvet and sequins are available at our favorite thrift store, Seattle Goodwill.

Stylist tips for shopping thrift

  • Try it on before you buy it. Someone owned it before they donated it, and they may have altered it in some way. Or they may have donated it because it didn't fit the way it expected (the tag says size 6, but it fits more like a 2).

  • Look past the label. It can be tempting to get excited about a top from a brand you recognize, but some of our most interesting thrifted finds are label-less.

  • Browse the entire store. With so much stuff coming in and out of thrift stores, it's hard to keep everything organized. We've found great vintage jean jackets for women's in the men's department, cute skirts for an adult in the kids department and really, really expensive designer brands shoved in the corner with rags.

  • Be OK leaving empty-handed. You're not always going to find a gem, and you don't need to take on other people's "trash" while you're searching for treasure. New product is coming in all the time, try again next week or next month. You'll most likely have an entirely different experience.

For more information on Seattle Goodwill visit

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1 opmerking

09 dec. 2020

I'm also looking for a garage sale or flea market for Christmas shopping in my town. What about this Christmas 2020? I normally do my shopping through coupons website. Last year I did it by using christmas coupons. Does your thrift store have an eBay too?

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