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Beat the blahs with a pop of color

When the weather is grey ,and we're wearing grey, it's likely we will feel....grey! We can't control the weather, but we CAN control what we wear (a fact I often have to remind my clients over and over. You have control! Buy things you like! Wear things that make you happy!).

MODEL 1: "Professional Pop of Color” (JC Penney)

Trend Color: blush

Pairs with: light blue

MODEL 2: "Brights for a Girls Night Out” (Zara)

Trend Color: Aquamarine

Pairs with: red

MODEL 3: "Sunshine on a Rainy Day" (Talbots)

Trend Color: sunshine yellow

Pairs with: black and white

MODEL 4: "Bright and Comfy" (Kohls)

Trend Color: bright orange

Pairs with: army green

Darcy’s tips for experimenting with color

Any time you step out of your comfort zone with a new color or bold pattern, it’s important to be extra thoughtful about physical comfort. Make sure it feels good and it's something you actually want to wear! Unusual color + Uncomfortable = you'll probably never wear it.

Don’t over accessorize. Don’t over-adorn a brightly colored outfit with lots of jewelry, let the color speak for itself.

Wear it tomorrow! Every time I buy something new, especially if it’s a bold color or style, I say, “I must wear this tomorrow.” And I push myself to do it, no matter what. That way, I work it into my regular rotation right away (rather than saving it for “Some Special Day”). This rule also helps me avoid buying things I don’t need. If I could never dream of wearing it “tomorrow,” I accept that I might NEVER want to wear it and put it back.

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