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Spring clean your closet.

Spring is the perfect time to clean your closet and evaluate your personal style. We want to help you!

Here is our signature flow chart to help you figure out what to keep, what to store away and what to purge. Click the icon below to print or download, and feel free to share with friends or family. We have helped hundreds of clients "do" their closets, and this is the method we use every time. It works!

If you want our help, we would be delighted to come to your home. We have several packages that involve closet cleaning. Our Reduce, Reuse, ReStyle package is a deep clean and organization session and our Ultimate Makeover Package will help you transform wardrobe by adding new pieces and ending with a cleansing purge. Request an appointment or call 206.349.3401 to speak to a stylist today. Wishing you a stylish spring!


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