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We get it. This whole process is a bit strange. 

We're always happy to answer your questions in a consultation,

but here are some of the most common asks.

Question: Which styling package should I select?

Answer: Styled Seattle offers a variety of styling services, so there's something for everyone. Visit our Services Menu page to learn more. If you aren't sure which package is right for you, let's get you booked for an initial consultation so you can tell us more about your situation and goals, and we'll be happy to advise you. 

Question: Is the price of clothing included? 

Answer: No, our rates are for styling services only. Clothing will be a separate spend. We do not make a profit on clothing sales, and it is our job to work with whatever budget you set. We will advise you personally after you tell us a little more about what you want and need.

Question: How much should I budget for clothing (and what will I get)?

Answer: That's ultimately up to you, and everyone's financial situation is different. Most of our clients desire to leave their style session with a substantial amount of clothing, 15-20+ items. It can be a challenge for us to deliver a new wardrobe for under $1,000 (though if we focus only on discount items, it can be done), but it also is a challenge for us to spend over $4,000 unless our client specifically requests only designer items. We're well-versed in high end fashion, we just don't assume all of our clients want only expensive labels in their closet. We prefer to bring all the best items (at the best prices) and curate a wardrobe that only looks like a million bucks. We're very good at finding gems and balancing discount items with smart investment pieces.  

Question: Where does the clothing come from? 
Answer: We go all over to pull items for every session. We typically visit 6-8 stores to curate a unique variety of clothing, shoes and accessories,  and we may go everywhere from Nordstrom Rack and Target to local boutiques to larger department stores or retail chains. A great wardrobe is always an eclectic mix!

Question: Can I bring someone to my style session?

Answer: We highly discourage this. 

Question: What if I don't like any of the clothes at my session? What if it doesn't fit?

Answer: We bring about 50-60 items to every session (sometimes more!) so that we have lots of options. Styling is a process of trial and error, but we work with every client to carefully hone in on a  

Question: How soon can I get in for a style session? 

Answer: We're usually booked about 4-6 weeks for style sessions, meaning if we do your consultation this week we can probably do your style session in about a month. Sometimes we can accommodate last minute requests or fashion emergencies, but it does take us several days to pull items for every session, and we won't take a client if we don't feel that we have enough time to do our best work. 

Question: Can I combine hairstyling and/or a make-up lesson as part of my styling experience?

Answer: Yes. It will be a separate fee with one of our partners, but we would be happy to advise and coordinate appointments that sync with your styling package. 



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