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How to have a Hot Girl Summer

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What is Hot Girl Summer?

It started as a song by Megan Thee Stallion, and she defines it as “being yourself, having a good time, hyping your friends and generally not really worrying about negativity.” So that’s what it is! It’s about feeling good, being confident and having a great time with the people you care about.

Ingredients for a Hot Girl Summer:

Confidence: The meme version of Hot Girl Summer usually involves some sort of alcohol, but not everyone wants or needs booze. Confidence is an organic, all-natural, sugar-free, zero-calorie beverage containing vitamins and adaptogens intended to boost your mood and confidence. (

Bali Body Self Tanning Water: I’ve been on a hunt my whole life to find a self tanner that doesn’t stink, and this is it! I truly hate the smell of most self tanners and this one has no odor to me. It goes on smoothly with a special mitten. It’s water based with no dyes and natural ingredients. ($28.95, LINK)

Coco & Eve hair mask: My hair takes a real beating in the summer, I scrunch it up into a bun to get it out of my face on hot days, and it’s a real nest of dry shampoo, sunscreen, chlorine and who-knows-what. I can’t say enough great things about the Like A Virgin Hair mask by CoCo & Eve. It smells amazing, it makes my hair feel so soft and smooth and healthy without any build-up. I’ve given it to several friends (who all have different hair lengths and textures), and they all agree. ($39.90,, LINK)

InkBox tattoos: I discovered these cool, real-looking temporary tattoos last year, and I can’t stop ordering them. Maybe I’m having a mid-life crisis, but I think they’re awesome. They cost $10-$30 depending on the size and last for 2 weeks. (

Epic Whitening Toothpaste. The last flight I took before COVID, I sat next to a woman with the whitest teeth I’d ever seen, and I couldn’t help but compliment her. She told me about this all natural activated charcoal and coconut oil toothpaste by a brand called Hello. It makes your mouth grey for a minute, but it does work really well, and it’s so great for my sensitive teeth. ($4.89,, LINK)

Thermacell Mosquito repeller. It’s really hard to feel cute and have fun when you’re getting eaten alive by mosquitos. This cute little device releases repellent into the air creating a 15ft Mosquito Protection Zone. It’s portable, so you can take it anywhere, it’s about the size of soda can, it comes in a bunch of different colors, and it’s about $20. (19.97,, LINK)

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