• Darcy Camden

Holiday Style Questions Answered

We get a lot of great style questions this time of year, and we answered some of our favorite and most asked questions including: "Does 'Black Tie' on an invitation mean I have to wear a tuxedo or can I wear a suit?", "My NYE dress is sleeveless and short, how can I make it be warmer?", and "What's your favorite cozy loungewear?". By far the hero of this segment is the $14.99 fleece lined leggings available at Target. We're obsessed with them and how warm they are and how well they work under a dress.

Also our recommendation for a stylish hostess gift? Glassybaby. You can't go wrong with a $50 handmade piece of original art. Everyone loves them, and you can even buy them at SeaTac airport, Concourse A if you're headed out of town and forgot to pack a gift--or TSA confiscated your wine!

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