"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little to no influence on society." -Mark Twain

Initial Consultation // no charge

Your first step towards a new style. Meet your personal stylist one-on-one in the comfy Styled Seattle office. Allow us to introduce ourselves and answer all of your questions. Together, we will identify your wants, needs and style goals, and we can recommend the best (and most affordable) plan of action for you. Approximately 1 hour, by appointment only


Signature Style Session // $395

Call this the most efficient, educational and enjoyable shopping experience of your life. Spend an afternoon trying on items and exploring new looks from multiple retail stores at a single location. Everything is pre-selected for you. No combing through racks, no digging. Discover the best colors, shapes and styles for your shape, personality and lifestyle. Approximately 3 hours, by appointment only.


Personal Styling // $150 per hour

Do you despise going to the stores? Don't have the time/patience? Let us do it for you. Your professional stylist will do all the legwork to pull clothes from multiple stores and bring them to your home. Try items on in the comfort of your own closet and allow your stylist to help you make the best decisions and integrate your new purchases into your existing wardrobe. Must be preceded by a consultation and fit session.


Closet Purge // $350

For: The man who needs help figuring out what to keep and what to get rid of.
Details: Package includes a 2-hour Closet Audit and purge session to get rid of the outdated, unflattering items that are taking up space and holding you back. Those old ratty t-shirts? Those jeans from the 90s? That old suit that is just collecting dust? Your stylist will remove all unwanted items and donate to charity.


Gift Certificates Available

We would be honored to help you give the lasting gift of style to someone special in your life. Please call 206.349.3401 or fill out a contact form to receive a response from one of our stylists who can answer all your questions and get you personalized gift certificate. Click here for more info.


+Styled Seattle applies travel fees to clients residing more than 15 miles from our office locations. For more info on fees and to review a copy of our Client Agreement, click here.


The Virtual Stylist // $350

Our entirely virtual experience begins with a 1-hour in depth guided Closet Audit over Zoom. Then your stylist will send you a detailed list of about 20 specific recommendations and links to purchase, from which you are welcome to order the items that interest you the most right to your home. We allow approximately 10 days for shipping and reunite on Zoom to help you evaluate the pieces, create outfit combos using other items from your closet and organize/purge away unwanted things you no longer need! 

Recommended clothing budget: $500-$1,500+



The New Normal // $375

Our solution to styling in COVID times. We start with a 1-hour in-depth style consultation and guided Closet Audit over Zoom. Your stylist will then visit 3-5 stores for you to pull a seasonal selection of new pieces to enhance your daily style and comfort. Then, we'll set up a 90-minute Signature Style Session at a clean, spacious private fitting room area. You'll get to see a curated selection from a variety of retailers all in one place--we think it's the safest and most efficient way to shop. Afterwards, your stylist will follow-up with a detailed list of additional recommendations and meet you back on Zoom for a 1-hour virtual session to help you pair your new items to existing items in your closet.

Recommended clothing budget: $250-$500+

Note: Our team keeps distance and wears masks during all client sessions, please ask us about all the safety measures we're taking to ensure a healthy experience for everyone.

The Ultimate Timesaver Package // $650

For: The man who craves a new look and wants to rebuild his wardrobe the smart way.
Details: Our most comprehensive wardrobe styling package includes an in-home Closet Audit and full inventory of your existing wardrobe followed by a 3-hour Signature Style Session. Finally, your stylist will reorganize your closet by purging and removing any unwanted "old" items. 
Recommended clothing budget: $1,500-$3,500+

Note: It's always up to you to decide how much you want to spend on clothes. Your stylist will advise and adhere to whatever limit you set. We always stretch every dollar.

Special Occasion Styling // price varies

Styling and shopping services for special events including (but not limited to): fashion shows, photo shoots vacations, presentations, parties, interviews, television appearances. The sky's the limit. We love a challenge!

Not sure which style experience is right for you? That's ok! We'd be happy to advise or customize something for you.